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Best WordPress Plugins to Increase your Website Speed

The speed your website loads is extremely important for two reasons. We are a fast-food society and anything that doesn’t happen within milliseconds is too slow for a lot of people. A site that loads slowly will lose visitors and potential revenue. Google has repeatedly pointed out the importance of load speed in its search algorithm as well. The world’s largest search engine doesn’t want to send its traffic to a slow site. Keep your site quick or suffer the consequences.

EWWW Image Optimizer

With at least two images and a feature image for each post, I have a ton of image files on each of my blogs. Load enough images and you’ll start seeing page load times increase and bandwith usage surge.

Best WordPress Plugins EWWW

The EWWW Image Optimizer automatically reduces the file size for images by converting to the file format that produces the smallest image size and uses a suite of tools to optimize images. All tools are lossless so your images will look the same even with the smaller file size.

One drawback to EWWW is to GIF animation files. You will not be able to edit the animation after performing an optimization, unless you do an unoptimize operation with gifsicle. I have GIF images on both of my blogs and have never had a problem.

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Use Google Libraries

If your theme or website uses JavaScript libraries or components like jQuery, Prototype or Dojo, and there’s a good chance it does, users have to download those scripts when they load up the site for the first time.

Instead of hosting the scripts locally, the Google Libraries plugin allows your site to use hosted versions of jQuery and other scripts on Google’s AJAX Libraries API. The upside is that it increases the chance that a user already has the files cached and takes load off of your server, resulting in a faster load time.

The application of the plugin is one of the more technical ones. You don’t really need to know why or how it does its job, just that it works. I loaded Use Google Libraries on both my blogs after noticing some pretty grim load times and saw real improvement.

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I have to admit, and this is embarrassing, I didn’t even know that I was slowing my site down every time I hit Update on a post. Every time you save a post or a page, WordPress creates a revision and stores it on your MySQL overhead. If you work in your WordPress editor like I do, you are constantly saving and the number of revisions on your site can choke off your load speed.

Best WordPress Plugins WP Optimize

If that weren’t enough, all those comments you have marked as spam or haven’t approved can have the same affect on your site speed.

The WP-Optimize plugin cleans up all this mess as well as removing trackbacks/pingbacks, clearing out post trash, removing transient options. The plugin can be set to run automatically and is one of my favorite for improving site speed.

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WP Super Cache

When someone comes to your site, their browser has to load a ton of items including logos, the CSS file and resources. This is why websites take time to load, and some of them take a lot of time to load.

Using browser caching, your browser remembers the items it had to load on the first page it accessed so it doesn’t have to load them up again. The WP Super Cache plugin does this by generating a static html file from your WordPress blog. Once the html file is created, your server uses that instead of processing the much bigger PHP scripts to users. The plugin runs automatically once it’s uploaded and enabled. There are some advanced settings available but I’ve found just using the default settings works great.

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WordPress Inspector

WordPress Inspector is a free online tool that tests your WordPress for speed, performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security.


It’s very important to regularly check your WordPress, and it’s theme and plugins to make sure your site performs better and is secure. WordPress Inspector does all of that for you.

Test Your WordPress Now >>

Know a WordPress Plugin that beats the above for improving site speed? Add it to the list!

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  • Hassan Salman Dita

    They are definately the top notch plugins.. no doubt… great writeup for elaboratin it.

    • mailmunch

      Thanks @hassansalmandita:disqus, glad you like it!

  • Hassan Salman Dita

    WP Optimizer i used this pugin for great effect in loading speed.

  • Sagar Jain

    just want to confirm
    between EWWW Image Optimizer and wpsmush which is better

    • mailmunch

      @sgrocks:disqus: We haven’t used wpsmush but will definitely take a look.

      • Sagar Jain

        alright, please let me know for the result

    • Martin Wilson

      wpsmush can be a nightmare to you if you looking for good quality image

      • Sagar Jain

        thanks will test EWW then
        currently my images lose quality only when i set them as a background

  • adventureinyou

    Hi. Great article. I was using WP Super Cache but noticed sometimes my site was showing the mobile view on desktop. I couldn’t work out why. Do you have any suggestions as to why this might have happened?

    • mailmunch

      That’s strange. It didn’t happen to us. Have you tried contacting their support about it?

      • adventureinyou

        Yes just waiting on a reply. Will update this when i find a fix 🙂

  • David Hurdon

    Many thanks for this and two other articles on the best WP plug-ins. I’ve had loading speed issues reported all over my site, had no idea all my updating of posts was clogging the drains and was surprised at how much my media library images could be reduced. And on top of all that you’re bringing me new leads with the pop up registration.

    • mailmunch

      @David_Hurdon:disqus You’re very welcome 🙂 Glad you find these articles and our product useful!

  • Allison

    I just wanted to let you know that I installed the WP Super Cache plugin for my wordpress site and after I activated it, my site basically crashed…ie white screen of death.

    • mailmunch

      Try contacting their customer support. It might be something related to your WordPress configuration.

  • Tomasz Dobrzyński

    Here’s my proposition to reduce number of requests (essential in website optimization): . It allows to unload unused CSS and JS within seconds without knowledge of PHP and file modifications.

    • mailmunch

      That’s very interesting @tomaszdobrzyski:disqus – thanks for sharing!

  • Kenneth Marshall

    Just want to contribute to this good article. JCH Optimize plugin speeds your website by focusing on reducing the download time. It minimize http requests by optimizing your files, like combining js and css files and minify them. They have both a free and paid version.

    • mailmunch

      @marshy_mellow:disqus Thanks, we’ll definitely check that out!

  • OPTIPress

    Hi. Fantastic selection. I would like to add to this by mentioning our own, completely free plugin – which is available on WP here: Handles a variety of page speed and performance tasks. Furthermore, super light. Cheers,

  • Katrina Moody

    EWW doesn’t work with all hosts so I tend to set my clients up with the new one from the Tiny PNG folks – love it, and it’s been tested to compress images better than almost all other options. 😀

  • Daniel Keith

    Hi Joseph,
    Nice plugins but W3 cache is the best plugin to optimize the website speed.

    • Ben Boyce

      Hey daniel I just downloaded W3 cache. Once installed do i have to click anything else or does it do it right away… I ran a speed test minutes later and it’s the same pagespeed insights as before.

  • HillofBeans

    Ironically my site is loading quite fast, but the only plugin that is delaying load times is MailMunch. Do you have any tips to optimize the load times for MailMunch?

    • mailmunch

      What’s the link to your site?

      • HillofBeans

        Thanks for the reply. I don’t want to post the url here but here’s a link to the pingdom test for my site. If you check the waterfall display you will see that Mailmunch is taking up over 30% of the site load time

        • mailmunch

          Our engineering team just sent you an email.

          • HillofBeans

            Many thanks for the swift response. By the way I forgot to say, I’m a big fan of Mailmunch! Keep up the good work!

  • ExcelAjahAnayo

    Blogged for 3 years now only to solve the problem of 100 % slow load speed after reading your post,,
    Thanks @@mailmunch:disqus

    • mailmunch

      @ExcelAjahAnayo:disqus you’re welcome 🙂

  • computergeekblog

    This is superb post, My page is too heavy and looking for same thing. I am installing all plugins and will get back on your blog if i found few improvement. Thanks to share this valuable post .

  • rkinfo

    Once this is understood, the first thing to do is to know the speed of loading our blog, and it is enough to analyze in any of the websites available, such as: or / FPT. In this way we can and to know if the blog load fast or slow, and can compare it with what speed we get after making the changes. WordPress is a platform that adapts well to change thanks to the possibilities offered plugins.

  • Brian Jackson

    I would also highly recommend checking out the free WordPress cache enabler plugin ( It is by far the easiest caching plugin out there to configure and use.

  • abartazeha

    I spent a lot of costs, but the answer does not slow down my site.

  • Marc

    Great plugins! W3 cache and EWWW works perfectly for mine. Also it would be great if you could also create an article on plugins that slows downs your website. I think many website owners will be interested on that so we can avoid or be cautious in choosing such plugins.

  • Kyle Torrington

    Hi Mailmunch, thanks for the article.

    Before installing your recommended plugins on my website,, I tested my site speed on both WordPress Inspector and Google Pagespeed. Results below:

    – WordPress inspector score: 82
    – Google Pagespeed Desktop score: 24
    – Google Pagespeed Mobile score: 31

    After installing all recommended plugins, the scores have got worse:

    – WordPress inspector score: 73
    – Google Pagespeed Desktop score: 22
    – Google Pagespeed Mobile score: 27

    Why would the plugins, designed to speed up my site, have in fact slowed it down?

    • mailmunch

      @kyletorrington:disqus have you been isolate it to any particular plugin? Try deactivating plugins one by one and find out which one may be causing this. There may have been updates to the plugins after this post was published.

  • Bheru Gaderi

    Great post thanks for sharing helpful information really I’ll try all plugin you suggest for increas my blog speed

  • Gaurav Verma

    i will try google library

  • Muhammad Usman

    Hi Joseph, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I am was just looking for this king of solution for my website. Right Time

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