Facebook Validates the Importance of Email Marketing

Time and time again pundits have forecasted the death of email marketing. This time, they said, Facebook Pages or Twitter profiles will kill email marketing. Page Likes are better than email addresses, they said. But today, Facebook announced Lead Ads that let businesses and marketers run ads on Facebook to collect email addresses from users. This makes the whole process of collecting leads faster and simpler because people don’t even have to type their email address to subscribe. Facebook already has all their information and they can subscribe with one tap.

How It Works

You can get a lead in just two taps.

1. User sees your lead ad on Facebook and taps the “Subscribe” button.
Facebook Lead Ad Step 1

2. User confirms what personal information is being sent and has the ability to change it.
Facebook Lead Ad Step 2

3. That’s it. You have a lead. The user can now choose to visit your site or continue browsing Facebook.
Facebook Lead Ad Step 3

With Lead Ads, advertisers can have Facebook auto-fill any of the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Street Address
  • Phone
  • Zip
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Company Name
  • Job Title

Makes Landing Pages Less Useful

The current process for advertisers is:

  1. Create a landing page
  2. Run a Facebook ad to get traffic to that landing page
  3. Hope that the user likes the content and completes the subscription form

With Lead Ads, there is no real need of creating a landing page because the user can subscribe right from Facebook.

What’s the Catch?

While this makes the whole process of subscribing so much easier, there are some potential issues that are yet to be answered.

Lead Quality
If users have to make such decisions without going through a well-thought out landing page, these leads may be colder than the kind of leads we currently get on a landing page. But if this method is significantly cheaper, some drop in quality may be absorbable.

Cost and Conversion
If these ads convert well, demand may be high. As a result, Facebook may charge more to use Lead Ads. On the other hand, if people start seeing a lot of these ads and start getting more email then they usually do, will they still want to subscribe or will the conversion rates go down?

Data Integration
Another unanswered question is that how we’ll get the email address data from Facebook? Will it be a CSV or will it actually integrate with email marketing providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, etc.


Facebook lead ads may or may not be a great lead generation tool. We’ll find that out in the coming days. But one thing is for sure, email marketing is alive and kicking! If you want to invest in online marketing for your business, it’s better to invest on growing your email list instead of getting more Facebook likes or Twitter followers. Email open rates are also higher than views you get from social media.


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  • http://www.TheWanderingHumorist.com/ Gabriel Barbaro

    Thanks for the article John. The only pitfall I can think of is that people may misunderstand what information they are handing over and then revoke their information at a later point.

    However, I think in general this tool will really help with growing the email list. And as you say, I hear email is the best way to go with any sort of marketing!

    Thanks again for the article!

    • http://www.mailmunch.co/ John Davier

      That’s a great point @gabrielbarbaro:disqus! I think step 2 will show them all the information that they are giving and also let them change it (you can see those small pencil icons next to name and email). But you’re right, there’s a chance for people misunderstanding a few things.

  • http://SkyWebmasters.com Rene

    This Tool Is amazing facebook users don’t want to leave facebook, this tool solve the problem.

    When this will be available?

    • http://www.mailmunch.co/ John Davier

      It’s not clear when it will fully rollout to everyone. The current test of lead ads is limited to a small group of businesses around the world. More information is available on: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/lead-ads

  • http://www.maramani.com Max William

    I’m here wondering how to integrate the feature on Mailchimp when available.. Any Ideas?

    • http://www.mailmunch.co/ John Davier

      That is a question not answered by Facebook yet. How will we get the data? Will it be a CSV of emails or will they provide integration with MailChimp and other email marketing providers. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • omzen

    wow .. its amazing nowadays on fb ads .. question in mind .. does this support for Asian adverstisers and targets ? thanks again for your sharing 🙂

    • http://www.mailmunch.co/ John Davier

      @disqus_0P7Nvi7Di8:disqus I believe it will be available to all advertisers once they fully roll it out but right now its only accessible to a select group of businesses only.

  • http://www.maramani.com Max William

    Hi John, Is this feature ready?

  • http://plankton.com.au/ Luke Moulton

    Frustrated by having to manually extract the data, we developed a web app that will email new lead data to any email address you choose. It also does Mailchimp Integration: https://leadsync.me

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